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IMPLA® 3D Lab planningsoftware

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IMPLA® 3D Lab planningsoftware

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Productinformatie "IMPLA® 3D Lab planningsoftware"

Met IMPLA® 3D Lab-navigatiesoftware plant u een exacte simulatie van een implantologische behandeling (abutments en kronen). IMPLA® navigatiesoftware is een open softwaresysteem voor alle implantaatsystemen en garandeert een veilige en succesvolle implantatie
1x IMPLA® 3D-Lab planningsoftware

Beschikbare downloads:

Download Het_IMPLA_systeem_eng.pdf Download IMPLA_3D_navigatie.pdf Download IMPLA-3D_brochure_eng.pdf Download Tandartsmaterialen_eng.pdf

Product Informations: "Software IMPLA 3D Universe for lab navigation"

IMPLA 3D - simply safe

The open IMPLA 3D system
With IMPLA 3D, you can plan virtual implant and prosthetic treatments (abutments and crowns). IMPLA 3D navigation is open to all implant systems, and makes the path to perfect implant treatment considerably easier.

The benefits of IMPLA 3D:

  • Future proof, as it is part of the Complete Digital Workflow.
  • Increased safety due to precise planning of the implants.
  • Aesthetically better results, as you can plan abutments even before the surgery.
  • High level of client satisfaction (flapless technique = pleasant for your patients).
  • Accurate documentation for each implant (high forensic security). 
  • No hidden costs (plan as many cases as you want, for as long as you want).



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