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zebris JMA Optic systeem

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zebris JMA Optic systeem

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Schütz Dental GmbH


Productinformatie "zebris JMA Optic systeem"

zebris JMA(Jaw Motion Analyzer) Optic systeem is een digitaal- kaakanalyse- en registratiesysteem, een onderdeel van onze Digital-uberVo-Workflow. Het zebris JMA Optic systeem verricht volledig digitaal kaakmetingen bij patiënten met (CMD)pijnklachten. Het zebris JMA Optic systeem registreert nauwkeurig, veilig en zeker alle bewegingsbanen van de onderkaak zonder daarbij de patiënt aan te raken. De WinJaw-meetsoftware die bij het zebris-systeem is opgenomen berekend o.a: 'de articulator-instellingswaarden voor meerdere articulatorsystemen, uitgebreide functionele parameters en bepaalt de centrische positie'. Het meetbereik zorgt voor functionele analytische onderzoeken en is voorbereid voor de uitvoer van de individuele patiëntbewegingen voor de digitale tandheelkunde. Het zebris JMA Optic systeem is volledig draadloos

Safe prosthetics
Forensic backstop
Additional profits
Happy patients
Digital image for your dental clinic
Decisive advantage towards your competition

Real Movement: Transfer real patient data or the settings of virtual articulators via a standardized XML-export to external CAD systems (Tizian CAD/CAM System). With this extraordinary feature, the system becomes an integral component of Schütz Dental's Digital Workflow for the production of functional dental prostheses. A patented bite tray creates a precise relation between the movement data of the measuring system and the tooth surfaces scanned by the model scanner (Tizian Smart-Scan Plus) or the Intraoral Scanner (i500). This tray is also a part of the new zebris transfer appliance and facilitates a smooth transfer of the position of the maxilla in relation to the skull to a mechanical articulator. Thus, the use of a mechanical facebow becomes unnecessary.

Precise: The analyser consists of a manageable stand-alone headbow with a mandible sensor. Aside from scanning the condyle movement, the user can also record all six mobility levels of the mandible with high precision.

Fast: The user has the option to operate the system via a USB interface or wireless via WiFi. The headbow is attached in just a few steps with the nasion support, a head band and the support parts fixed to spring-mounted sidebars. Enter a defined reference plane with the supplied T-stylus right on the head.

Safe: The table-top mount contained in the basic system facilitates a safe storage of the measuring components, whereas the battery powered headbow can be charged simultaneously via the integrated inductive charger. The extremely small and light mandible sensor is fixed with the help of a magnet to the paraocclusal and occlusal attachments, and then it is connected to the lower-jaw teeth.

The analysis software WINJAW+ with its modular setup can be handled intuitively and contains:
a data base, the basic module for the determination of the setting parameters of mechanical and virtual articulators as well as the export function for real movements. Optional are additional modules for functional analysis, for position analysis of the condyles and for the determination of neuro-muscular jaw relations and the Plane Finder Module. 

The system is operated with a conventional computer equipped with the system software Windows 10. Basic color: white RAL 9003

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Download Brochure_zebris_JMA_Optic_system

Product Informations: "Zebris System JMAnaylser+ USB/Bluetooth inklusive 4 Analogkanäle für EMG"

The zebris jaw measurement system records the mobility of the lower jaw using a method which measures the travel time of ultrasonic impulses, without touching the patient. The system consists of a face bow with an integrated receiver module, and a perfectly balanced lower jaw sensor for measuring near the joint.

The advantages of the new Bluetooth PC connection module:

  • Cable-free analysis
  • Freedom of movement for the patient
  • Use in interdisciplinary applications
  • For immediate status analysis
  • During interdisciplinary treatment stages

Enter the reference plane e.g. the axial-orbital plane, using a stylus. The system allows you to identify a fulcrum line which is determined from the protrusion movements and opening movements in central condyle position or as a kinematic axis. The WinJaw measurement software included with the system calculates articulator setting values, comprehensive functional parameters, and can determine a neuromuscular centric lower jaw position.  

The JMA System contains:

  • basic unit with power supply pack including articulator programming module and Real Movement data export
  • facebow with receiver modules
  • lower jaw/trigger sensor (ca. 40 g)
  • foot switch
  • bite fork
  • software package WinJaw (basiv version)
  • user manual
  • EPA software module
  • transport case

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