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PMMA transparant opaal

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PMMA transparant opaal

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Artikelnummer: 220068


Productinformatie "PMMA transparant opaal"

Transparante PMMA blank met fysische eigenschappen 98 mm aangepast aan de natuurlijke tanden. Dit maakt het materiaal uiterst zacht voor de antagonisten. PMMA blank verbrandt resi-du vrij. Downloadzone veiligheidsbladen

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Product Informations: "Tizian Blank PMMA 98 mm, Transpa"

Transparent PMMA with physical properties adjusted to those of natural teeth. This makes this material extremely gentle on the antagonists.

The transparent Tizian Blanks PMMA will burn out residue-free. They are suited to the production of lost-material casting molds as well as to the production of functional splints and drilling templates.

All Tizian Blanks PMMA can be used with or without veneers. In addition, it is possible to check fit and function of the restorations on a plaster model.

Indications: Therapeutic splints, reflex splints, casting technology (material burns out), very dimensionally stable which makes it ideal for preliminary fittings.


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